Nov 13, 2015

Hidden Pluralsight Gems : 01

I'm going to start posting regularly about some of the harder to discover content that I think is worth special attention in the hidden gemPluralsight library. As a disclaimer for those that don't know, I’m a Curriculum Director at Pluralsight, I work in the Software Development pillar so that’s where most of my suggestions are going to be focused and I will be focusing on mostly new content but every now and then I may highlight an older course.



Node courses are pretty popular on Pluralsight but have you used Knex yet? First time author Carlos Saloio just published Data Access in Node.js Using Knex. Knex abstracts away database implementation details and currently works with SQLite, MySQL (and MariaDB), PostgreSQL, and Oracle. I think Knex’s marketing message should be “All Your Databases are belong to us.” If you have a project with node and any of those databases check it out. Even if you don’t, check it out Carlos did a great job.


If you want to learn SAP development, Pluralsight is putting renewed focus on the area. Our two most experienced authors both worked with me on creating a comprehensive curriculum and they just published the first foundational courses in the area. Laszlo Meszaros just published SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture. Alex Gonczy just published an excellent introduction to all things SAP: SAP: Getting Started.


And a little outside the normal boundaries of software development is a long awaited course on the Business Intelligence tool QlikView. Another first time author Mike Reagan, will walk you throught creating apps in QlikView that let you slice dice and digest all your business data. Spend two hours with Mike’s Learn QlikView to Easily Create a Great Data Discovery Tooland your boss is going to think you’re a rock star programmer for how fast you can put together useful interactive views on your data.

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