Sep 8, 2015

Whack-a-mole Scroll Bars on the Mac - No More

I recently got a MacBook Pro and moved from my Win7 desktop machine to this laptop for my daily work. One thing that drove me crazy until today was the disappearing scroll bars on the Mac. At first I didn’t realize it was Mac-wide I just thought certain apps and web pages were auto-hiding scroll bars for aesthetic reasons. I had to move my mouse wheel to get the scroll bars to show up and then try and move my mouse quickly enough to grab the scroll bar. Often I wasn’t fast enough.

Turns out there’s a system preference setting that will “correct” this. Open the General preferences and click on the Always radio button under the Show scroll bars: area. That’s it. My beloved scroll bars are back and I’m more than willing to sacrifice the 15 pixels or so of width they want to call their own.

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