Jun 16, 2015

System Sounds

I had a little free time I decided to address something that easily confuses me. Sometimes my PC makes beeps, boops and whooshes and I have no idea what it’s trying to tell me. One thing in particular that I find easy to miss is the Skype sound indicating someone just sent me a chat message.
I decided to make some less ambiguous sounds and use them.  Most of the audio clips I made actually use English words and say  things like “Warning Low Battery” with some relatively low volume  special effects sounds in the background. I started off just intending to make three for Skype. Of course, in addition to being easily confused I'm easily led down a rabbit hole, so I ended up making almost two dozen in three categories:
  1.  Three for skype (named with the Skype prefix)
  2.  dozen or so for Windows  (named with the Win prefix,  and named after the windows sound control panel events – including ones for Visual Studio)
  3. And a few with no prefix that say Majel Barret things like “Unable to comply”
Now I doubt that anyone really wants my voice on their computer but you can download and use them for free if you want or be inspired to make better ones. The download is a single zip file with .wav and .mp3 versions (3.6 MB).  Plus, now I’m hoping I’ll finally find out if a “System Notification” event ever happens and what causes it. 

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