Jun 25, 2015

Playing Audio from Reaper to a VOIP app

I've had this idea for a while that it should be possible to use my recording setup to send cleaner audio to apps like Skype and Blue Jeans and other voice over IP applications. What I wanted to do was talk into my mic, process that input through whatever effects I have loaded in the current Reaper project and send the result to the VOIP program. After watching many complicated videos involving Jack, ASIO Bridge, Voice Meter etc. none of which worked, I finally figured it out and it was pretty simple.

The key was a piece of donation-ware software from VB Audio called Hi-Fi Cable. The download button for the Hi-Fi version is pretty far down the page. There’s also another cable app called VB-Cable but I installed the Hi-Fi version.

SNAGHTML1e499dWhat it installs are two new devices in your sound control panel.  One in the Playback tab and one in the recording tab.

SNAGHTML2212f4Once it installs, you just need to change the output device in Reaper’s Device Preference panel as shown to be the Hi-Fi cable input.  Note that you’re setting the output of Reaper to the input of the cable. I think it helps to think of a  cable where sound only travels in one direction from the input to the output.  You can’t mess it up though, because the input is the only option you have.

image You then need to turn on the monitor function of the track that is armed to record. You don’t actually have to record, you just have to arm a track and turn on the monitor.

SNAGHTML23ae87Then in your VOIP software you need to set the microphone to be the Output of the Hi-Fi cable.  Here I’m showing the options pane for Skype, but it was pretty much the same in the Blue Jeans teleconference software.  You don’t have to worry about confusing the input or output of the Hi-Fi cable, you’ll only have the correct choice in each drop down list.

In Reaper I can add EQ, a noise gate and the RX4 Dialog Denoiser and that can all process in faster than real time and go right to the VOIP app.  Skype is somewhat noisy in the test call so I couldn’t tell how well it worked, but in a BlueJeans call the difference was dramatic! Enjoy.

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