Jun 1, 2015

Google Voice Won’t Verify Phone Number

I got an email from Google that I had to verify my home phone number to continue allowing phone calls to be forwarded to that number. I dutifully followed the instructions . I went to the indicated link and selected the phone number and clicked on the verify number link. A dialog box appeared with a two digit code and a connect button. I would click the connect button and nothing would happen. My phone would never ring.

image After a few attempts it finally occurred to me that perhaps my Nomorobo service was automatically blocking the Google calls. It’s a wonderful service and easy to forget it’s there once your phone has stopped ringing constantly for a few months. I use Ooma, so for others that do, log into my.ooma.com, and follow the size steps shown in the image.  Just to be safe I turned off all the blacklist features, saved, verified the phone number and then turned all the features back on.


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