Jun 19, 2015

Ada Rulez!

PathologicalCode_33My new course, Introduction to Ada 2012, just went live on PluralsightHEY , you in the back stop giggling!  You better be ready to be shocked and challenge your assumptions.  Ada might just be the most maligned, misunderstood and most unjustly ignored language out there. It’s development pretty much parallels that of C++. Some misinformed people think of it as a legacy language but as you might guess from the name of the course, the last major update was in 2012.

Ada the language, like Ada Lovelace herself, was ahead of the times. It has not only OOP constructs but support for generics, design by contract and just about everything else you’d want in a modern language. Plus it compiles to the metal so performance isn’t going to be an issue. It has by the far the best, most easily understood compiler messages I’ve ever seen. Once you learn Ada, you’ll think of C++ as a weakly typed language!  You can develop with the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS)  at no cost.  I think if you watch the course you’ll learn things from Ada that you can apply to your current language of choice. In other words, the course will benefit you even if you never write a line of production Ada code. 

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