May 18, 2015

Camtasia Tip #9 – Speeding up Rendering

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imageI switched to producing my Camtasia videos in HD format using an mp4 encoding. I noticed they got a little bit slower and no longer seemed to be using multiple CPUs.  Previously I was rendering at 1024X768 in WMV.  I tried multiple experiments, including read/writing from an SSD (surprisingly little improvement) to try and improve the render speed. I also reran some tests using the WMV encoding. The one consistent, albeit small, improvement I got came from turning off the GPU acceleration. You can do this under the Tools->Options… menu.
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SNAGHTML18fe6441 In the resulting Options dialog uncheck the Use GPU acceleration if available. My test clip was 5:11 long. The rendering time lowered from 3:11 to 2:53 a savings of about 5%. Rendering in WMV lowered the time to 2:20 but I’ll be sticking with mp4 for quality reasons.

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