Apr 20, 2015

Reaper Tip: Using the ShuttlePro V2

This is a series of tips on using the Digital Audio Workstation software: Reaper (full list of tips below). I have a Shuttle Pro V2 and a long time ago I posted on using the ShuttlePro V2 Controller with Camtasia. It’s equally useful with Reaper. Below are the settings I’m using.  You can grab the Reaper.pref settings from Bit Bucket. It's not shown but the inner wheel is set to just mimic the right and left arrows so it scrubs audio as well. It ends up being dependent on your zoom level but that's usually what I want. I find the inner wheel much more useful than the outer jog wheel.
The only warning is in reference to that “Custom Trim Action” button. In a previous tip I talked about creating custom actions and I find the custom trim one so useful it’s assigned to one of my buttons and triggered by the shortcut “a”.   As I fine tune my settings I update the settings and image on Bit Bucket so this blog post image may be out of date.


See the full list of Reaper tips.

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