Apr 27, 2015

Reaper Tip: More FX Customization

This is a series of tips on using the Digital Audio Workstation software: Reaper  with an emphasis on voice-over work.
imageTypically I have a single track in a project and I want the same chain of effects on each project. However slight variations while recording means I may want to adjust some settings. Typically this involves slight tweaks to the threshold values on various FX. 
First open up the FX you want to work with. Then click on the control you want to customize. Then use the Param button and it will now have multiple options. Since I don’t want four controls named Threshold I give each an alias that is more meaningful to me, using the Alias Parameter option. This will open a small dialog where you can type your own alias name.
Then I enable the option Show in track controls and that control shows up at the bottom of my track window. You can see the final result in the image, in the area highlighted with the rounded orange rectangle. Once this is all done I save the FX chain as mentioned in a previous tip and reusing that chain also reuses the alias and automatically puts the FX control in my track.

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