Apr 3, 2015

Camtasia Tip #6

Changing the Production Default Checkboxes

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  imageTechSmith’s decision to not give us preference setting control over various facets of the production steps strikes me as rather very user-unfriendly but there are hidden workarounds.  My old nemesis, a default check on the organize produced files into sub-folders, resurfaced the other day after I uninstalled 8.5 and went back to the more stable 8.4 release. Unfortunately, some of my default settings were forgotten, especially on the dialog shown at the left. I never documented the fix so I had to rediscover it.

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imageYou have to do a custom production settings run again. When you get the last page, check or uncheck all the options the way you want. I then proceeded to generate the final file but as soon as it started I canceled it. Then I went back to using my Pluralsight HD preset and the Organize produced files into sub-folders was no longer checked.

If you have other problems with this dialog you might want to see my Camtasia Tip 2 post.


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