Mar 30, 2015

Reaper Tips Part 3 – Effects Quick Access

This is a series of tips on using Reaper (see part 2). There are many ways to get to the effects for a track in reaper and many ways to apply a chain of effects to a track.
image One of the easiest ways to get to the window for effects is to just click on the FX button in the track header area. This will immediately open up the overall effects window for that track as shown in the image below.  
SNAGHTML9bb6a68This window will show you all the effects that have been added to the track in the left hand pane. Details on the selected effect can be adjusted in the right hand pane. Double-clicking any effect in the left hand pane will give you a separate floating window for just that effect.

image I find it more convenient to just right-click the FX button and you’ll get a drop down list of the effects applied to that track. Select one from the list and you immediately get a window with just that effect.  (By the way the little pin icon in the upper right can be used to pin that window on top of other windows).
Perhaps most convenient way to get to the effects is to just expand the mixer area on the bottom of the screen. If you drag the splitter bar high enough; an area for your effects appears. If it’s not made big enough to see them all, you get some up and down arrows for scrolling through them. Clicking on a effect here opens its window. There is also another splitter bar just under the effects so you can dedicate more area to the list of effects on a track by track basis. 

imageIn addition to using a track template to automatically insert a track with effects there are two more convenient ways to add effects to a track. Both involve creating a chain of effects.
First right-click in the main effect’s window area. From the resulting popup menu use the Fx Chains submenu. You can use the Save all FX as chain… option to give the current collection of effects a name. Now you can use the Save all FX as default chain for new tracks or more selectively the Load FX chain… option to add your collection of effects quickly to a track. This won’t open all the floating windows where you last had them the way a track template will but this is more convenient if you have multiple tracks and only need the chain on select tracks.

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