Mar 23, 2015

Reaper Tips Part 2 – Track Templates

This is a series of articles on tips for using Reaper for voice over. Links to other tips in the series can be found at the bottom of this post. 
image I mentioned last time that I create a new project for each clip. This would be a pain if I had to set up my effects by hand every time. Luckily Reaper lets you create a track template. That way every time I start a new project I just use the Track menu and select the Insert track from template menu item, and at the bottom of the submenu is my custom template. The image is also calling out the option for Save tracks as track template… which you’ll need to use one time to set up the template.  You can even put each effect in a floating window and position it where you want and then save the template. Then when you use that templates all the windows will open just where you want them. (You’ll only want to do this if you only use on track/project like I do for voice over. Otherwise each track opens its own set of effects windows – very confusing). Next time some tips/recommendations on FX.

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Bonus TipBacking up your Reaper settings files automatically.

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