Oct 27, 2014

Qt Quick Fundamentals Sample

Animation Module

Now that my second course on the C++ Qt Framework is live on Pluralsight  I can put up a free sample module. I’m limited in time to what I can provide so I decided to create an edited version of my favorite module from the course: Transforms, Transitions, and Animations.  It’s less than 8 minutes long.

This sample should give you a flavor for what the entire course is like. It contains the entire clip for the introduction which discusses all the topics that will be covered and some introductory material about how the animations are categorized and controlled. Then this sample will fast forward to the sixth clip in the series and explain easings in greater detail and provide a demo of all four flavors of a basic monomial easing. Finally, I go into detail on using a bounce easing and various other animations to make a basketball bounce across the screen in a more realistic manner.  If you want to watch the entire course and you aren’t a Pluralsight member you can get a free ten day trial. If you use the links on this page it does provide a benefit to me.


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