Oct 24, 2014

Qt Quick Fundamentals Course

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My second course on the C++ Qt Framework went live on Pluralsight earlier today. This is part two of three planned courses and this one, as you might guess from the blog title, focuses on Qt Quick and QML.  You don’t even need to know C++ to follow along with this course. If you can program in a declarative language like HTML and aren’t intimidated by small snippets of JavaScript you might want to check out the latest and greatest interface building tool that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Below is a 60 second promo I created with the help of Peter Gillberg from callouts.com and of course the boys in the band Scoop DeVille provided the sound track.

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Tod Gentille (@todgentille) is now a Curriculum Director for Pluralsight. He's been programming professionally since well before you were born and was a software consultant for most of his career. He's also a father, husband, drummer, and windsurfer. He wants to be a guitar player but he just hasn't got the chops for it.