Oct 20, 2014

Outlook Tip: Delete the Auto-Complete List

GreatPowerAndroid_20With Great Power Comes Great …

Did you know you could delete ALL the cached addresses Outlook prompts you with when you type in someone’s name can be deleted  in a single keystroke?  Yes I know you can also delete them one-at-a-time but every couple of years, it might be time to ditch the cached values. The problem with the cached values is they have NOTHING to do with your contact address book. You update your friend’s email but every time you type their first name Outlook keeps trying to send your important missive to their @aol.com address.

SNAGHTML28f57f24FAIR WARNING – it is kind of a big crutch to do without. If you do empty the list you’ll type your spouse’s name and nothing will happen. At least not until you send the mail or click on the Check Names button.  OK, still want to give it a go? In Outlook 2010 use the File tab and go down to Options. The dialog shown at the right will appear.

  1. Click on the Mail option on the left,
  2. Scroll down quite a ways
  3. Click the Empty Auto-Complete List button

All those old cached-addresses are gone. And so does your excuse for why you never responded to that email request to go hiking up Mt. Rainier in the middle of winter.

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