Oct 10, 2014

Camtasia Tip #4

Copy Just the Visual Properties

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This one’s easy, but also easy to miss. When you have a callout or other element on your timeline and you’ve customized the Visual Properties you’ll often want to use those same properties on another item.

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image Right click on the first item that has the properties you want and select Copy visual properties from the context sensitive menu.

Then select the item you want to apply these visual properties to and select Paste visual properties.

Everything from the Visual Properties dialog will copy with the sole exception of the Opacity on the Drop Shadow (don’t ask me why). 

If you have animations on the item you want to copy from, then position the playhead after the animation that has the visual properties you want to pick up. Take care to not select the animation itself. Select the object with the playhead in the proper position and select Copy visual properties . This will pick up the visual properties from the playhead position.

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