Oct 8, 2014

Camtasia Tip #3

Making the Library Smarter

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SNAGHTML14cfe2adWhen  you’ve added a callout to Camtasia and tweaked it, you often will want to use that same callout in other projects. You know about the Library so you save it there. Then when you go to use it you notice that Visual Properties settings (size, position,  rotation, drop shadow etc) are all going back to their defaults. I don’t know why the library doesn’t save the visual properties, but I know two workarounds. 

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  1. image Add another element, and group the two items before adding them to the library.  I like both the transparent hotspot and an empty text callout because in my produced videos this won’t have any effect whatsoever.  Now save this grouped object into your Library. It will come back out just the way it went in. This is ideal if you might want to change it again after using it. You can even ungroup or drag just the element of interest out of the group and delete the original group.
  2. imageIf the object never changes you might just want to create a .png of it. In Camtasia create the object of interest and put it on a solid colored background that is not shared by your object. Then take a screen capture of this object with SnagIt. Use the Fill tool, select a transparent fill, and then fill the solid color with transparency and save this off as a .png. Now drag the .png into Camtasia and save that .png off into a library. 

Neither of these two workarounds preserves your positioning information. I hack around this by naming the library object with the X and Y coordinates. In the copyright example above, it shows me that I want X at negative 52 and Y at negative 297. In the interest of avoiding ambiguity, if the coordinates are positive I use the + symbol in the name.

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