Oct 17, 2014

A Better Way to Find Files in Windows

Use Agent Ransack (aka FileLocator Lite)

One of my more popular blog posts (who can figure you guys out) was: Searching by Filename ONLY in Windows 7. The solution proposed was one only a programmer could love. The real answer is to use Agent Ransack.  Here’s my top ten list for why you should (and no they didn’t pay, prompt, cajole or threaten me to get me to write this).

  1. It’s blindingly fast
  2. It’s free
  3. It’s easy to use
  4. It can find by content as well as by filename (in an obvious way)
  5. It will search exactly where you tell it to (including everywhere)
  6. It’s less than a 14MB download
  7. It appears to have had NO adverse effects on my system.
  8. It was written in C++
  9. It has regular expression support
  10. It has a cool name.

Really, I can’t believe I’d never heard of this before (thanks rnixon).

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