Sep 26, 2014

The Fundamentals of Qt-Quick Course is Near

I just finished the last module of my new Pluralsight course on Qt Quick. Once it goes through the editorial review and publishing process it will be live. In the meantime I thought I would make a ten minute demo clip for my previous course Introduction to Qt: A C++ Cross Platform Application Framework.  That link by the way is to the full course. Pluralsight is a subscription based service but they do have free trials available.

The point of the demo below is to give you an idea of what the full course looks and sounds like.  The video is recorded at 1024x768 but switching to 720 HD will make it look nicer.  The full course is a combination of demos and explanatory sections with slides. This clip is just one of the early demos from the front half of module 4. It just shows how to use Qt Creator’s visual designer to add a button  and  how some of the various Qt Creator panels work. It then explains multiple ways to work with signals and slots to wire that button to an action. There is some in depth information for someone new to Qt  but you shouldn’t have any trouble following along. It is from Module 4, the earlier modules give background and some basics on Qt and mostly use console applications for the demos.  Enjoy.

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