Apr 8, 2014

Moving the Outlook mail.pst file

I decided to upgrade my Google Drive account to the 100GB range and start relying on it for online backup. This meant I wanted to move a lot of my Windows 7 user files into my Google Drive folder which was not on my boot drive. At first it looked like it would be a piece of cake. I shut down Outlook. Moved the folder and restarted Outlook. Outlook complained that it couldn’t find my .pst file. Not a big surprise so I just navigated to the new location and all appeared well. All my folders and mail showed up. I then went to the account settings page and ran a test and everything passed.

SNAGHTMLed2af9dThen I actually tried to send an email and things didn’t work so well. I was getting the “Outlook data file cannot be accessed (Error 8004010F).  I went back to the account settings and noticed that the destination folder was blank. I clicked on the Change Folder button and specified the correct inbox. Alas, no joy. The same problem. Eventually I decided to purposely select the wrong folder. I picked an archived folder and set the inbox there. That showed up correctly. Then I immediately went back and selected the correct folder and outlook started to behave once again.

SNAGHTMLeddf525When it came time to move the rest of the folders under my User account, the ones that Windows treats specially (Downloads, My Documents, My Music etc.),  I moved them by using the properties on the folder (right-click, select properties) and changed the destination folder under the Location tab. I created the destination folder first and just specified the new destination by typing it in.  This leave what looks like the folder in the same place but it’s really just a link to the actual folder. I did these folders one a time.

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