Feb 14, 2014

Fixing Qt Creator Welcome Mode for Virtual Box

I’m working on a new Pluralsight course about the  Qt C++ framework. One issue I ran into right away is that running in a Win 7 virtual machine under Virtual Box was not playing nice with the Welcome mode.  While this isn’t a huge issue, I’m aiming the course at beginners and the welcome mode is particularly useful for them. While I searched for a fix I never found one until I reported it as a bug and  Christian Stenger kindly gave me the key information needed to work around the issue.

It's finished! Don’t miss my course on Pluralsight – Introduction To Qt : A C++ Cross Platform Application Framework.

Install 3D Experimental Support

  1. imageYou’ll need to exit your VM and restart it in safe mode (hold down F8 while booting).
  2. Then run GuestAdditions again from the CD iso image.
  3. Click next two times and you should see the dialog at the left.
  4. Enable the Direct3D support (Experimental) setting and click Install.

Increase your Video Memory to 128 MB

  1. SNAGHTML3a8d2ebOnce the installation finishes, exit the VM again.  Perform the following five steps:
  2. Select your VM
  3. Click the settings button
  4. Select the display tab and modify your video memory setting to a minimum of 128 MB.
  5. Enable 3D Acceleration (2D is optional)

Now when you start Qt Creator your welcome mode should function properly.

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