Jan 7, 2014

Installing Kubuntu under Virtual Box

My upcoming course for Pluralsight will be an  “Introduction to Qt: A C++ Application Framework.”  Since that framework is used on Windows, Linux, the Mac and others I decided to delve a little into the world of virtual machines and Linux. While getting a Linux VM up and running wasn’t horribly difficult it wasn’t exactly without issues. In many ways setting up and using Linux stills feels a bit like a hazing ritual to me.

I started out experimenting with the Virtual PC software that comes with Windows 7 but initial problems led me to the Oracle Virtual Box software. Things went much smoother once I made this switch. I also decided to use the Kubuntu Linux distribution. I don’t know enough about Linux to make a really informed decision in this area, but Kubuntu seemed to be a good choice for me.

I must admit I really like the usefulness of virtual machines. Since I had several false starts in getting Kubuntu up and running the way I wanted, I thought I would create a new VM and demonstrate a “soup to nuts” installation. My target audience for this video is a Windows developer that has little or no Linux experience. I’ll cover the following:

  1. Setting up a virtual machine with Virtual Box 3.4.6
  2. Installing Kubuntu (v 13.10)
  3. Upgrading Kubuntu
  4. Installing DKMS
  5. Installing Guest Additions
  6. Setting up Shared Folders

I don’t cover the actual installation of Virtual Box under Windows but in my case it was a simple matter of running the downloaded .exe and following the prompts. If any of you Linux pros out there want to watch and let me know if I’m committing any egregious Linux sins, or just doing things the hard way, I’m open to (polite) criticism.

If you like this video you might want to check out both parts of my Eclipse Guided Tour Course on Pluralsight.


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