Oct 14, 2013

Camtasia Tip # 2

Getting Camtasia to Remember the Last Used Folder

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When producing a video Camtasia studio doesn’t update the folder path with your last used folder. This is rather annoying when your producing multiple copies or even interim copies. I usually produce an audio only version which I then post-process and integrate back into my project. I produce a lot of clips and I need to keep my work-in-progress organized into multiple folders. I accidentally found a quick way to make Camtasia behave nicer.

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SNAGHTML3b947fbOnce you’ve selected a folder with the Open Folder button (step 1 in the image), use the <Back button (step 2 in the image) and then click the next Next button (not shown) to get back to the current page of the wizard. Now Camtasia will remember this folder the next time you need to produce a project.

If you’re having troubles with the checkboxes, check out my Camtasia Tip #6

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