Aug 8, 2013

The Eclipse Guided Tour – Part 1


I’m bubbling over with excitement, my first course for  Pluralsight just went LIVE!  This one is a comprehensive introduction to the Eclipse IDE. It focuses on software development in Java and C++ but even if you use another language you’re likely to find it useful.  If you want to read more about it, check out Megan’s post on the Pluralsight blog. I tried to stuff it full of tips and tricks and generally useful information. I based a lot of it on the questions I get asked by my students or that I see asked repeatedly on forums I frequent. Pluralsight is a subscription based site but they do have a free trial available.  Pluralsight has been growing by leaps and bounds recently and they’ve recently acquired both PeepCode and TrainSignal so you can expect to get a lot more content at no additional cost.

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