Aug 17, 2013

JSLint the Good (and Bad) Parts

My mini-course  JSLint the Good (and bad) Parts for Pluralsight is now available on YouTube. This 10 minute course is a look at the reasoning behind why some perfectly valid JavaScript code generates JSLint warnings. This course is aimed at programmers that already know JavaScript but don’t know the reasoning behind why they should:


  1. Stop declaring variables close to their first use
  2. Stop using “use strict” at the file level (you are using “use strict” right?)
  3. Avoid using Block Brace layout ( it’s more than a formatting decision)
  4. Avoid using the ++ or --  operators (both the pre and post forms)
  5. Avoid using the continue statement

If you disagree with, or don’t understand, any of these 5 recommendations, then you might want to watch the video. You might not agree after watching, but at least you’ll be making a fully informed decision. 

If you like it, you might want to check out my Eclipse Guided Tour course. This course requires that you have a Pluralsight subscription, you can get a free trial (10 days or 200 minutes whichever comes first) directly on the Pluralsight site.

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