Aug 7, 2013

Amber Alerts on the iPhone

Amber alerts on my phone aren’t a bad idea. UNLESS they don’t honor my do not disturb settings. After all I’m not going to be much help finding that license plate when I’m asleep. Is it a sign of the post Steve Jobs era at Apple that they decided your phone should be in control of you and not the other way around?

Now, to me, the feature is completely useless. Since I’m not after somnolent shattering shrillness, I just turned the whole thing off. Now when I could potentially be of help, I won’t know it. Good going Apple!

If you too don’t want a piercing amber alert in the middle of the night, (OK I take some blame for falling asleep while listening to a book with the earbuds still in), here’s what you do 1-2-3.

HomeSettings Notifications AmberHighlight

1: Click on the Settings App.    2: Select Notifications                 3. Scroll down, turn it off

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