Mar 19, 2013

Moving Windows that open off screen

imageSometimes a window will open partially off screen, with the title bar inaccessible. This means it is more difficult than usual to move. My old standby was to use the Alt-Space short cut to open the submenu shown at left. I would then press M followed by the use of the arrow keys to move it back into position. This still works on a lot of windows, even some that no longer have an icon in the upper left corner to click. However, the Rhapsody music player window doesn't cooperate with this approach.

It does cooperate with a new Windows 7 feature however. You can hover over an icon in the task bar, move up to the thumbnail that appears, right-click and get the same menu. Alternately, and a little faster, you can hold down the shift key and right click on the icon in the task bar and the menu will appear. Select Move from this menu and the cursor will turn into a four headed arrow and jump to the middle top of the window. Now hit one of the arrow keys to move it. Using the arrows keys just once locks the window to the mouse so now you can drag the window around with the mouse. You can also just continue to move the window with the arrow keys.

I have seen some anomalies with this approach. If the menu shows up but Move doesn't have the M underlined it won't work. Try clicking off the window and then use the taskbar icon again. Sometimes the Move command is there but the cursor doesn't change to the move cursor. Try the process again. Sometimes just left-clicking (to hide) and left-clicking a second time (to show), resets the window so that the Move menu will appear and work properly.

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