Jan 4, 2013

Quest: Update Your Credit Card Info on Skype

You would think if you were going to make one thing really easy to do on your web site it would be making it REALLY EASY for your customers to pay you. Well I guess that's if you're anybody but Microsoft. My credit card expired and I got a message inside the Skype application  letting me know I was going to lose my Skype phone number if I didn't update my credit card info. Fair enough, they even provided a link. Unfortunately the link only took me to the log on page.

image After logging in I noticed they put a lot of effort into making the account pages look like you were using a phone app running Windows 8 (I'm, purposely not showing that), this was my first inkling that this wasn't going to be a pleasant experience. However, right there under Account details it shows a Billing & payments link. Since this is where every other company in the world would put the ability to update a credit card that's where I went. You can spend a lot of time in here chasing down red-herrings. But as you might have guessed nothing in the Billing & payments section is going to let you add or update a credit card that you use for billing and payments. That would be ludicrous.

Misdirection from support.skype.com

imageDon't believe any of the online help that tells you to use the Manage features area, as far as I can tell that is just a gullibility test (I was suckered). I mean who would put adding a payment method under the manage features area, that is almost as stupid as putting it under the Subscriptions area. Oh…

Adding A New Credit Card

imageEventually with the help of an addicted gamer that never gives up on a quest, I was able to add a new credit card. I never did figure out if there was a way to update the existing card, but I suspect there isn't. The key to adding the new card is the Subscriptions link. But once in your subscriptions, don't expect it to be obvious. The important things (like repeating the word Subscriptions) are in BIG FONTS and the least important things (you know, things like links that aren't trying to sell you something, get smaller and smallerWhen you get down to this size look for the Settings link.


Once you're here click the Change payment method link.  Which will take you another page that won't do what you want (yet).


Now click the Add payment method link. This WILL take you to a page where you can enter your credit card information and slay the boss monster. Score one for Microsoft for frustrating their customers and preventing you from sending them money, a strange goal, but mission accomplished. The good news is a certain percentage of customers won't ever figure this out, so they'll lose their phone numbers and then be motivated to switch to one of the many competitors like Tok Box or  iCall. Some of their dumber customers will just write ranting blog entries.

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