Jun 26, 2011

Project Locker No Space Left on Device

The other day I tried to commit my changes and received the error message that's the title for this post. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a coder faster than a failure on the source code management system. At first I thought maybe I had just exceeded my limit and had to pay for more storage, but when I went to the site I was under 50%. I was perplexed but luckily for me, too busy to worry about it right then. I tried a few things but nothing worked. Later in the day I came back to the problem and unlike a programming error, this problem magically disappeared. I suspect the server hosting my database actually ran out of disk space and it took ProjectLocker a couple of hours to rectify the situation. So if you come across this error your best bet may be to just be patient and wait for the tech gurus to swap in a new petra-byte hard drive. Luckily in all the time I've been using ProjectLocker this is the first time this has happened.

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