Jun 17, 2011

Beginning WPF: The missing numeric up down control

imageAs I was working my way through my first WPF application I got to the point where I needed to add a Numeric Up Down control. As most of my applications control instrumentation I'm always using this control for numeric entry. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find one in WPF. Not to worry though, the Extended WPF Tookit has several, they've created versions specific to double, decimal and integer. The IntegerUpDown control is shown at the left. You can download the toolkit directly or you can use NuGet. I just discovered NuGet and it appears to be extremely convenient and worth the download. The only problem is once you download NuGet it's not obvious how to use it. The NuGet docs page can help out here.  The short answer is to right-click your references folder and use the new "Add Library Package Reference…" option. More details are available on the doc page for using the Add Library Package Reference Dialog Box.

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