May 7, 2011

Using your iPad/iPhone/iTouch at home and work

My wife, who has a "real" job, wants to use her iTouch to manage both her work and personal appointments. However, she doesn't want all her personal appointments to show up in Outlook on her work computer. She just wants to tell Outlook (via iTunes) to just download her appointments to her iTouch. This rather pedestrian desire appears to be impossible, and she wants Apple to know they are big fruzzy doongleturds (that's considered foul language for southern ladies), for not making this possible. Whew, she feels better. She did figure out a partial work-around and I thought others out there might benefit from her experiments.

Keeping your private appointments private

First, you do have to be able (as opposed to allowed) to load iTunes on your work computer. If you can do that, then you can allow your work computer to sync with your iDevice and let it overwrite (temporarily) all your personal information. Now my wife is doing this with a laptop so the temporary deletion doesn't last long. Once you have all your work data, plug your iDevice into your personal computer and this time tell it to merge. Your work appointments will now show up on your personal computer (which she doesn't mind). The big downside is, if during the week she does this at work in the morning, she will be without her personal appointments all day (this explains the doongleturd cussin' from above).  Still she finds it better than not having her work appointments available on her favorite personal organizer. Take heart Apple, she may be mad but I secretly think she still loves you.

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