Apr 6, 2011

Show any Eclipse File In Explorer

One feature Eclipse really should have is the ability to right-click on a file in the Project Explorer pane and open that file in Windows Explorer (or the Finder on the Mac – or whatever it's called on Linux). Luckily you can create your own in the External Tools… window. Not only that, but it will work from any any file selected in the Project Explorer as well as the current file in the editing window if that window is active. I believe it will work from any window that sets ${resource_loc}. Full details on how to do this can be found at this eclipse zone post by Michael Scharf.

If you don't need step by step instructions here's a image of how I did it. I couldn't get his instructions for sharing it across workspaces to work, and I would add that I wanted to go to the build tab and uncheck the "Build Before Launch" checkbox. On the common tab though he mentions a great tip, you can tell it to not open a console window since you aren't going to use one.


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