Apr 7, 2011

JSON Analysis Tool

imageI was having a problem with a JSON object and couldn't see what was wrong with it. I figured there must be some tool that would analyze a JSON object and I was right. JsonLint is a web based tool that does just what I was looking for.


Using the F12 developer tools in IE9 for the first time – very cool – I just stopped on the proper JavaScript line, brought up the local variables pane, right-clicked and copied the text as shown in the image. Then I would paste it into a text editor and replace the \" sequence with plain " symbols. There was also some drek at the  beginning and the end that I deleted. Then I copied and pasted in the the above tool and clicked the analyze button.


Be sure to see the FAQ in the lower right hand corner, click it and it opens up some text below the box that takes the JSON code.

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