Mar 14, 2011

Porting the Syncor Unit Test Framework to a new platform.



Mark Richards contributed the following information on porting the Syncor Unit Test Framework (written for the 5272) over to the 5270B. In my original post on the NetBurner forums I indicated I didn't think you had to reload the selected platform properties file for the new target platform. Mark discovered  that not reloading the platform properties file did not work out so well for him. Here are the steps that worked well for him when porting to the 5270B:

1.From the Project->Properties dialog select  NetBurner Options in the leftmost column and check Reload selected platform properties file.  This cleans all paths and sets the make script up for the Target Platform.
2.GNU C Compiler Build Directories: Set path to workspace includes/UnitTest++  Leave all others alone
3.  GNU C++ Compiler Build Directories: Add includes/UnitTest++ and html/  Leave everything else alone
4. GNU C++ Linker:
Add libraries in lib/
Leave the rest alone
5. Perform a Projects.. Clean of the test framework project to make certain everything builds in sync.

That's it.

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