Feb 17, 2011

Tortoise SVN and Windows 7 Indexing Don't Play Nice Together

You would think a company that develops software for a living would take great pains to make sure their new vaunted OS works well for software development wouldn't you? Well it turns out Microsoft doesn't think so. The Indexing feature in Windows 7 doesn't play will with the Subversion source code control system. I have been getting errors (the cleanup reporting that it cannot find or move the file specified is one common one)  on every project and spending way too much time cleaning things up. I've also noticed that every time I restart my development system chkdsk runs. I believe both of these issues are related to the indexing feature in Windows 7.  There's an ackn0wledged problem on the technet forums and reference to how to prevent it in the Tortoise SVN FAQs.

Here's a pictorial guide to turning off indexing for your software project folders:



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