Feb 26, 2011

Googling like we did in days of yore

SNAGHTML14f63f6Around the last quarter of 2010, the Google search changed significantly. It starts searching as you type. It's pretty convenient (and amazingly fast) but it does have a downside. You can no longer change the number of hits you get per page. This may sound silly but it's just much easier to scroll than to click and wait for the next page. I know I'm not alone and that's why people pack big bucks for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because they pay big bucks to be on the first page. Well if you go to www.google.com there's a little gear icon in the upper right hand corner. You can click this menu and select Search settings.
Scroll down until you see Google Instant. Disable Google instant and you can reset your number of results. Oh I know some of you tricky devils are thinking you can then turn back on Google instant. You can, and your setting will stick, but it won't be honored. You'll just be back to the default 10 results per page.
I like the instant results (mostly for the wow factor) but I'd really rather have more results on a page, wouldn't you?

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