Jan 3, 2011

Did Your Outlook 2007 slow to a crawl and remove your archiving feature?

The Problem

Wow, talk about annoying software updates (it was more like a software maldate). Every time I click on a folder Outlook takes something like 15 seconds to update. That gets really old really fast.  I figured I better force an auto-archive. Damn, where did I put my auto archive feature, I’m always losing stuff. I looked everywhere I could think of and couldn’t fit it anywhere. Where oh where’s my outlook malware? I even looked in the Tools->Other tab for the setup dialog and it was missing. As the profane texters would say WTF?

The Solution

SNAGHTML72847Like a good Microsoft consumer sheeple, I have automatic updates turned on. Recently Microsoft pushed out an outlook update that appears to be designed to annoy the holy crap out of you. Otherwise you’d think they’d automatically roll out  a rollback or at least a fix. Instead they must figure, hey if it doesn’t bug them enough to go read the Microsoft knowledgebase in its entirety, how bad can it be? Considering the knowledgebase has as many articles as Microsoft has security flaws in their software, it can take quite a while to find the one you want. It turns out KB 2412171 is the culprit and Article 2485531 has the answer.  The short answer is you have to go to the Programs and Features control panel, select the View Installed updates. Don’t be shocked this can take more than a few seconds to update and the list can be very long.  Once it completes,  scroll down to the Microsoft Office 2007 section, then scroll down some more through the seemingly endless list of office updates and find the one for Outlook with the offending KB 2412171 in its name and uninstall it.   That is unless you don’t need to get anything done with your day, in which case you can leave this alone and just tell your boss, hey I’m just waiting for Outlook to change to my inbox.  Oh yeah, now the Archive… item is back in my File menu and Tools->Other tab where it belongs.


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