Dec 30, 2010

Snagit 10, Windows 7, and multiple Monitors

I purchased Snagit 10 but it had a really annoying problem. It would disable the Aero features of Windows 7 (putting my system in Windows Basic 7 mode). It would blank all my monitors for 5-10 seconds when launching and then blank my main monitor (where I usually want to take the image or video) until I complete the capture key sequence. The first capture was also extremely sluggish.  On subsequent captures it was OK, but the Aero features stay disabled. Since Snagit is one of those apps that doesn’t quit when you close it (it goes to a minimal icon in the tray), Aero stays disabled until you right click it’s tray icon and quit it. I just found a tech support posting on the TechSmith site with a new version and a registry patch.  I ran it a few minutes ago and it appears to fix all the problems.

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