Sep 28, 2010

Choosing the right version of Windows 7 for Remote Debugging

I did the responsible thing and went to Microsoft’s site to review the various flavors of Windows 7 (certainly a smaller table than it was for Vista). Windows 7 Pro had the three features that Home Premium didn’t

  1. The ability to run old business programs in XP mode
  2. The ability to join a domain easily and more securely
  3. Built in backup and restore features.

I didn’t see the need for any of these so I decided to save the money and go with Home Premium. Turns out it was the wrong choice. Even  if item 2 had been worded more accurately as “Support for any form of Windows Authentication” I might not have chosen it. Turns out if it had said: “Required to use remote debugging in managed and mixed code” I would have made a more informed choice. Even if both computers are in the same workgroup and you have the same user name and password on both computers, Microsoft appears to have purposely crippled Visual Studio from supporting authenticated remote debugging. Since you never know when you might need to use remote debugging, if you debug with Visual Studio go with the Pro version of Windows 7.


From Steve Kauffman’s comment – please see this  answer on stackoverflow , with information on how to do remote debugging with Home Premium. Thanks Steve.

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