Jun 30, 2010

There’s a new Synergy in Town :Synergy+

I have been using Synergy for a couple of years now.  It allows you to share a keyboard and mouse among various computers. The computers can be running  Windows, Linux or the Mac OS.  Just move your mouse from one monitor to the next and that computer starts receiving the input from the keyboard and mouse. As seamless and as intuitive as you could ask for. You can even cut images and text from one computer and paste them in another one. Well, at least sometimes. Synergy has an annoying bug where this functionality just stops working. This bug has been fixed in the newly revived and slightly renamed Synergy+. It also has a much nicer interface on Windows for configuring the setup. In this version you can even use it to control your iPhone or iPad! On the Mac it doesn’t seem to provide a GUI setup. For now I’m still running  plain old Synergy on my Mac and Synergy+ on Vista desktop and my XP laptop.


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