Apr 30, 2010

Why you shouldn’t buy Apple Software from Apple

I wanted to start developing iPhone apps for the 3.0 SDK. You’d think it would be in Apple’s best interest to make this  as easy as possible and at first it seems like it is. You can actually download the SDK and get started for free. The problem was the only link was for the Snow Leopard version of Mac OS X.  I downloaded it onto my Leopard Mac but no joy.

Bumbershoots versus Umbrellas

Luckily the upgrade is only $29. Apple has really streamlined the process of taking your money, too bad they haven’t put as much effort into actually getting products into your hand.  I ordered the product on Sunday. Today is Friday and here I sit hoping some day it will show up. Now it’s important to realize that Apple ships this product from Northern CA, and I live in Southern  CA.   And while California is a big state, it’s not that big. I’ve had shipments from UPS that originate in Northern CA show up in two days. Apple in their infinite ingenuity has found a slower way. The use BOTH DHL and the post office in a single shipment. I guess this has the advantage of giving two shipping entities a chance to lose your package.  DHL has a pretty good tracking system, USPS does not. In fact the USPS system tells you that DHL has given them electronic tracking information on your product, and they’ll tell you when it showed up at the DHL origin location. All of that of course you already know from the DHL tracking. What they don’t tell you, is when they plan on letting you have it.  According to DHL it showed up at a post office about ten miles from me THREE DAYS AGO. After calling Apple, I found out that the USPS is  planning on keeping it today and over the weekend, then they will deliver it Monday (if I’m lucky). I volunteered to just drive to an Apple store and pick it up but the Apple customer service rep. told me the stores were under a different bumbershoot than the Apple online store. As if somehow using the British word for umbrella explains why you can’t easily solve a customer’s problem.

Why I’m an Idiot

Of course a while ago I learned that almost everything sold in the Apple store is also sold on Amazon. The only difference as far as I can tell is that sometimes it’s cheaper on Amazon. Since I have Prime shipping I get it faster and for free from Amazon. Of course, I also have a MacMall Apple Superstore relatively close. So today, I just drove over there gave the nice gentleman behind the counter $29 (plus tax) and I’m now installing a new OS on the same day I bought it. What a great idea, having a physical place where you can both buy and pick up products instead of having to wait for DHL and then USPS to ship, store and finally deliver it. They should have thought of this years ago.

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