Apr 7, 2010

Mylyn – you should make it Yourlyn


When I first downloaded the Galileo release of Eclipse for CDT I noticed it came with something called Mylyn. I briefly wondered what that was and moved on. Later I noticed it had something to do with task tracking and thought ho-hum and moved on.  Then when I started using ProjectLocker I watched a screencast on using Mylyn with ProjectLocker and suddenly got very interested.  The salient feature of Mylyn that piqued my interest was the ability to link context with a task. That is, once you start on a task like fixing bug 127, Mylyn tracks every file you open, every API you look up and every method you touch. It reduces your project explorer to just those tasks you need. If you need to switch to working on emergency feature request 45, on the same or a different project, just click on that task and all the current files close automatically and all the files last used for the emergency feature request 45 are opened. If you work on team you can use project locker to check in both the code and task context. Then another programmer can pick up right where you left off. There are also ways to remove files and methods from the context too. The screencast below is 1 minute long and shows Mylyn in action. (It is probably better to watch this, and all my screencasts, directly on YouTube so you can select at least the 480p resolution, and make the window large enough so that the text is clear.

Update Note: I created a screencast that shows the details on Setting up Mylyn for Trac in ProjectLocker since the above referenced screencast does skip over a thing or two.

That’s the new Eclipse Logo at the top of the post, they’re trying to attract a younger demographic. The feeling is that the elementary school programmer pool is very under utilized.

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