Apr 25, 2010

Moving a JetDirect 300X Print Server to a New LAN

I recently moved a large format HP 1220C printer (which has a parallel port) from one LAN to another. I was using a JetDirect 300X print server to make the printer available as a LAN printer. When moved to the new LAN the printer kept its old incompatible IP address, 192.168.1.xxx, and this LAN was 192.168.22.xxx. Various help articles suggest using Telnet and route add commands to reset the printer but the easiest method is to just do a cold reset on the print server itself. I unplugged the power cable, held down the Test button (it’s the hard plastic button in between the status and activity LEDs) for about 10 seconds. Then I kept holding down the test button while I plugged in the power. After about 10 more seconds I released the button. Then I hit the Test button and saw that the new address was which the HP docs will incorrectly tell you means there is a cable or other network problem. Instead I followed Dogbert’s classic advice of shut up and reboot. I unplugged the power again, waited a few seconds for all the stray electrons to fall onto the floor and then plugged it again, this time NOT holding down the Test button. The device now got a new valid address from the DHCP server and was ready to print again.

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