Mar 12, 2010

Eclipse Tips

I made two screen casts on some of my favorite tips for using Eclipse. Part I demonstrates tips for

  • Outline View
  • Shortcut Keys (including F12 and SH-F12 for open declarations and finding usages)
  • The go back and go back to last edit buttons
  • The Rename Refactoring
  • The Extract Method Refactoring
  • The Extract Constant Refactoring

In Part II I take a look at

  • Importing Existing Projects (with a special tip for NetBurner users)
  • Copying and moving files between projects
  • Block Selection Mode
  • Type Hierarchy Navigation
  • The Macro explorer
  • Coloring Console Windows
  • Templates (very brief – full usage would require a dedicated screencast)
  • Using Plug-ins for editing HTML, CSS and Javascript

As usual it’s easier to view these screen casts in higher resolution and if you view them directly on YouTube you get some better tools for expanding the size of the window.

Part 1

Part 2

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