Feb 9, 2010

Adding a Graphical Test Runner for Embedded Unit Testing

image In an attempt to make the unit testing always available and more enticing to run I decided to take advantage of the built-in web server on the NetBurner and use it to provide a graphical test runner. I modified UnitTest++’s XML test runner and created a JSON test runner. Now a developer doesn’t have to connect a serial port to run the unit tests. Since the firmware is typically downloaded over Ethernet, that connection is almost always present so bringing up a test runner web page allows the tests to run. I also decided that allowing the developer to select a specific suite of tests to run would also be beneficial. The web page makes an AJAX request back to the NetBurner and retrieves a list of all Suites (another modification to UnitTest++) currently loaded and creates a button that will run all tests or a test for any found suite.  The video contains a one minute demo of the new feature.

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