Dec 10, 2009

Ajax and the NetBurner Round 2

Way way back around May of 2006 I wrote up a white paper about how to do the low level mechanics of Ajax on a NetBurner.  I have been threatening to provide a more sophisticated example of doing real-world Ajax ever since and I’ve finally done it.  The example is again fairly simple, but I’m including in the source code my core JavaScript library and instead of rolling my own Ajax calls I’m using the Prototype library. There is a lot of useful JavaScript code in the library even though the example only uses a small portion of it. Doing an Ajax call is now as simple as this:


Where request contains a Url that looks like “request=sampleData” and the 2nd parameter is the JavaScript function you want to have invoked when the Ajax call is complete. I created a 10 minute screencast that should serve as a good getting started point. It is in 1280X720 so it looks best if watched in HD on a full screen (or at least enlarged player).

The complete source code is on the NetBurner community forum in the App Notes and Design Ideas board.

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