Nov 20, 2009

NetBurner – When good flash goes bad

I wrote some bad code that was causing my NetBurner  MOD-5272 to trap during startup. Even if the code had hit the EnableAutoUpdate() call (which it hadn’t) it wouldn’t have mattered because it would have trapped before a TCP update could have happened. Usually in this case you break into the Monitor with Shift-A and use the FLA command to send the repaired firmware over the serial port. I’ve been doing this for years (at least on those “rare” occasions when I manage to cause traps at startup). This week the process failed me and looked something like the following two screenshots.




NetBurner tech support saves the day

The key is to never allow the first trap to occur. Cycle power to the board and break into the monitor immediately after the first startup, then use FLA to send down the program.


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