Nov 5, 2009

NetBurner Project and the Rtl8711Library Mystery

Yesterday I started a new NetBurner project in Eclipse. I built the project and the Problems tab showed 0 items. When I went to run the configuration though nothing would happen. I switched over to the Console tab and immediately saw that the problem was a missing Rtl8711Library.a file. image

(UPDATE NOTE – I’m leaving this post up just for general info, so if a similar problem happens to you, you can solve it but scroll to the bottom to see the Update note for the real reason this particular problem was happening and how to fix it.)

Now this seemed strange since I hadn’t done anything except run the NetBurner wizard and build the default project, which had always worked in the past. Nonetheless I went searching and found the library being referenced under the project properties dialog as shown in the image below.  Clicking the delete icon to remove the reference to the library solved the problem.


This morning my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try and replicate this problem.  Piece of cake, it happened again.  Strangely, enough this problem is never mentioned on the NetBurner forums and I figured there had to be a reason why. It turns out I had forgotten which menu option to use to properly create a NetBurner project.


If you use the C++ Project option you go directly to the C++ Project dialog shown below:


If you use the second option you get the New Project dialog first, which lets you select the NetBurner Project  option, which then takes you to the C++ Project dialog. You end up in the same place but the extra reference to the Rtl8711Librarary.a file isn’t there (and possibly other magic happens as well).

image image


I noticed today that I was getting this problem even when following the new procedure. So as it turns out you really only need to make sure you pick the NetBurner Device Executable line. You can get there either directly through the C++ project or doing the extra step shown above.

A quick ticket to NetBurner technical support shed light on the problem. Turns out it’s a configuration error in the beta release of the NNDK I’m using.  The permanent fix for those using the rel24_rc1_beta01 release (probably that’s just me)  is to modify the C:\nburn\MOD5272\PROPERTIES  and delete the last part of line 2 and 3 as shown:

Line 2:

NBLIBS="$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\MOD5272.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\NetBurner.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\FatFile.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\rtl8711Library.a"

Line 3:

DBNBLIBS="$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\DBMOD5272.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\DBNetBurner.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\FatFile.a" "$(NBROOTMINGW)\lib\DBrtl8711Library.a"

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