Oct 2, 2009

Commenting with IntenseDebate

I've never liked the commenting system on blogger. It's way too subtle and while I write for mainly a technically adept audience, a lot of blogs don't. I think it is far from obvious that to add a comment to a blog you have to click on the Comment link. If you don't use additional widgets the comments that are posted don't show up by default. I went looking for a better way today and came across multiple solutions. Some cost money, some require a web site and at least one Intense Debate requires neither and is fairly easy to install. I'm just starting to experiment with it and I'm only using it on new posts (starting with this one) because otherwise all my old comments would get hidden.

So far, the main thing I was after was a big old box at the end of my posting where you could just start typing a comment and post it. As part of the experiment I'm even going to remove comment moderation. So out of the seven people that read my blog (that includes you Mom) let's see who is first to use the new commenting system. Ready, Set,....

(Update 1)
Well, it turns out this only works the way I intended if you came to this post directly. That is, if you went to my main blog page and are just reading the most recent post you won't be seeing the comment box. If that is the case, right now go click on the Commenting with IntenseDebate title at the top of this post. OK, you did that right? Now you should be at a view that shows the comment box. Go ahead and comment, is this better, worse, or pretty much the same as Blogger’s native system as far as you're concerned?

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