Jan 30, 2009

Excel VLookup Screencast

I had a friend ask me recently about how to have Excel translate a company proprietary and senstive number on a spreadsheet into a non-senstive text expression. In this particular case he was looking at translating inventory numbers into expressions, like In Stock, 60 Day Wait etc.  This is exactly the type of problem that the VLOOKUP function in Excel was designed to solve. I wasn't sure what his Excel expertise was, so explaining every step in an email was going to take a while. Instead I remembered that TechSmith now offers free limited storage (2GB)  of screencasts so I made a 3 minute movie using Snagit, compressed and converted the .AVI movie using QuickTime Pro  and uploaded it. The TechSmith site also provided the HTML for embedding the movie in a blog so I thought I would test that out. 


Anonymous said...

"I wasn't sure what his expertise in Excel was..."
Is that saying. "This guy is thick, I'm just not sure if it's mm or feet."

Thanks for the help.

Your thick friend,

Tod said...

Not at all, it was just my way of rationalizing spending an hour making a screencast instead of 10 minutes writing an email. Making screencasts is way more fun.

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